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Bail Support in Australia

Research and evaluations

TitleBail Support in Australia
Author(s)Denning-Cotter, Gabrielle
DateApr 2008
DescriptionBail support is defined as the provision of services, intervention or support, designed to assist a person to successfully complete their bail period. These programs may be undertaken on a voluntary basis or mandated as a condition of bail. The usual aim is to: reduce re-offending while on bail; increase court appearance rate and provide magistrates and police with a viable alternative to remand or incarceration. In the first section, this paper examines Australian and international literature to present principles of best practice. In the second section, current bail support programs in Australia for adults and juveniles are identified and compared. As Indigenous people comprise 24% of the prison population in Australia, Indigenous-specific support programs are also discussed.
Publication detailsAttorney General's Department; Australian Institute of Criminology; Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse, Brief 2
Subject(s)Criminal justice system
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